Dinosaurs in the Enchanted Forest

A mommy-daughter collaboration

Interesting story… I was having a conversation with my almost 4-year-old about how her and her sister’s birthdays were coming up and I thought that we should have an Enchanted Forest themed birthday party.  I said, in the most excited voice I could muster – which is how I say things to her that I really want to do, “You know what we should do? Have an Enchanted Forest birthday party!”  Sensing this was my idea and not hers, she replies in her excited voice, “No, we should have a Dinosaur party!” [sigh] Clearly my tactics did not work, but I quickly thought of a creative solution.  “How about Dinosaurs in the Enchanted Forest party!”  Crisis averted and, as Michael Scott would say, “Win-Win-Win.”

Now I don’t usually post about personal events on my blog, but this one was such a unique mom and 4-year-old daughter collaboration, I couldn’t help myself.  Coming up with the concept was easy, and the invitations turned out way too cute! 


The food was simple.  We did a sandwich station with a yummy condiment bar that included homemade tomato jam, beetroot hummus, truffle aioli and basil pesto to name a few. 

The cutest thing I have ever made were these hedgehog cookies.  Adorable! 

A curious collection of cupcakes resembled mushrooms, moss and dinosaurs, and an assortment of dinosaur sugar cookies rounded out the dessert assortment.  I made all the desserts – something I rarely do – and used all natural food coloring – something I probably won’t do again.  Poor kids.  But they looked pretty and the kiddos ate them so they couldn’t have been that bad.  Although I was forced to use sugar in the big kid’s desserts, I refused to feed it to my 1-year-old.  Her cake was made with bananas and applesauce with a cream cheese cherry juice frosting.  It was delish! 

It was fun to use our yard as an enchanted forest. Our huge-mongous orange tree was center stage and created a nice shaded area.  We tied different colored ribbons from the tree and put a large rug under it. 

We painted some large eggs to look like dinosaur eggs and make a huge nest for them.  So cute! 

A party wouldn’t be complete without games, gift bags and a dress-up station complete with dinosaur masks, hats and hand-made fairy wands!  Feed the T-Rex was a hit!  We also did a dinosaur egg hunt that the kids enjoyed.

The party was a hit and we had so much fun creating together.